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Free giveaway (that works)

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At, I have a free give-away. Sign up for a free copy by clicking HERE.

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The Bible: Mom and Son (age 6)

Mom: We are going to read the Bible.

Son: I hate the Bible. Wait. What’s the Bible?

Mom: The Book that teaches us about God!

Son (Fist pumping): I LOVE THE BIBLE!!!!

Hard at Work!

Thank you for everyone who has been supporting me. It means so much to me. I am not slacking, I promise! I have been hard at work writing a series of picture books for children. The “So Weird” series, about families, is something I am very much excited about. I continue to write “My Mother Never Told Me” and “Funny Things Our Kids Say”. So please continue to send me your good ones. It really does keep me motivated! Much love to you all.


My mother never told me

After reading for an hour, you can ask your child what they read and get the response, “I don’t know.” But they will give you a play by play of the episode of Spongebob they watched a year ago.

New page added: Things My Mother Never Told Me~ A How-To Guide to Raising Kids (Without Going Completely Crazy)

I have another page up.

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What do your children like?

What do your children like to read about?

Would they rather read about kids or animals.

What are their favorite animals?

Let me know!