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202 Good Clean Jokes for Kids



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I know, I am such a slacker. I have had a LOT going on. Between homeschooling all the kids and writing my childrens books…. I haven’t been getting a whole lot of people sending in their kids funny story/lines. 😦 It’s too bad. But I am still here. I still check in from time to time. I still judge my self worth on the amount of people who come and look at my blog. LOL Seriously, though. Leave me some comments, leave me an email. 😀 Have a great day, and there will be more blogging sooner or later. ~R

The Bible: Mom and Son (age 6)

Mom: We are going to read the Bible.

Son: I hate the Bible. Wait. What’s the Bible?

Mom: The Book that teaches us about God!

Son (Fist pumping): I LOVE THE BIBLE!!!!

Anon kid- 11 years old…

(After dad told him to check if the door is open…)

Dad: What took you so long?

Kid: I had to open the door to check.

My mother never told me:

I was the reason my dad was bald.

And my kids are the reason for my husbands.

It’s a vicious cycle.