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My mother never told me.

The “terrible twos” start at 14 months.


My mother never told me:

After your children are out of diapers, someone will have a baby and you will miss having an infant.

Until you babysit said infant for longer then an hour.

My mother never told me:

When a child asks, “Can I have a drink?” from your cup/can/bottle, kiss the whole thing good bye.

You aren’t getting that sucker back.

And if by some small miracle you do get it back, you aren’t going to want it.

My mother never told me:

My kids will always be cuter then the kids next to them.

With better personality!

My mother never told me:

Kids suck all the energy out of you.

And keep it for themselves.

My mother never told me:

Sick kids will not even attempt to make it to the bathroom to vomit. Sometimes they will roll to their side. Most of the time they don’t.

My mother never told me…

When she said that one day I would have kids just like me, she was placing a curse upon my head.