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Joseph~ Age 14

Ewww. Old people farts.

Jaden~Age 3

(After getting in trouble, his dad called him by his full name)

“Don’t you whole name me or I’ll break your butt Daddy!”

Mason-age 8

(After receiving his first black eye)

He says, “Maybe I can be in the movie, The Shining! Get it? The Shining. Cuz I have a shiner.”

Kids quote

Mom- I’m impressed.

Daughter- I don’t want to be pressed. Not hard.

Noah~Age 3

(When asked who his friends at preschool are: )

I’m friends with anyone who calls me Noah.

Anon~ Age 5

(Telling Santa what he wants for Christmas)

200 girlfriends and a Spiderman suit.

202 Good Clean Jokes for Kids is finished

I have just finished putting together 202 Good Clean Jokes for Kids. Thank you all for your input and support. This has been so much fun. Keep sending the funny things the kids are saying. That one is a little more slow going.

Thank you!

Thank you to all of those who have checked out my blog, left me some great feedback and messages, and who continue to support me. You are all wonderful. Keep them coming! ~RD

Conversation Between 2 boys, Age 6&8

6yo: Why do they call it the 4th of July?

8yo: Because it is July 4th.

Happy 4th everyone!

Joseph~ Age 4

I made a rainbow by planting seeds and sprinkling with milk.