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Anon kid- 11 years old…

(After dad told him to check if the door is open…)

Dad: What took you so long?

Kid: I had to open the door to check.

My mother never told me:

I was the reason my dad was bald.

And my kids are the reason for my husbands.

It’s a vicious cycle.

My mother never told me:

Kids don’t understand “knock it off” or “stop”,

until you raise your voice and threaten their lives.

Or take away their electronics.

Which to them is about the same thing.

My mother never told me:

When a child asks, “Can I have a drink?” from your cup/can/bottle, kiss the whole thing good bye.

You aren’t getting that sucker back.

And if by some small miracle you do get it back, you aren’t going to want it.

My mother never told me…

Kids love, love, LOVE scary movies.

Until it’s bedtime.

My mother never told me,

If you buy a puppy for a 6 year old, it may never walk again.

The puppy, not the kid.

My mother never told me:

You may cry when you realize your child is two inches taller then you.

And has armpit hair.

My mother never told me:

My kids will always be cuter then the kids next to them.

With better personality!

My mother never told me:

Kids suck all the energy out of you.

And keep it for themselves.

My mother never told me:

Boys will get pee everywhere except IN the toilet.