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My mother never told me:

If you have more then 2 or 3 kids, people will make rude comments to you which they think are witty, funny, or they just didn’t think at all.

These include:

  • Don’t you know how that happens?
  • You don’t own  a TV?
  • Are they all yours?

My Mother never told me…

As soon as you throw out/give away all your baby items (clothes, crib, highchair, etc.) you will find out that you are pregnant.

My mother never told me

I might poop during childbirth.

In front of my husband, possibly family, and a room full of strangers.

And it wouldn’t be the grossest thing to come out of my body that day.

And I won’t care.

My mother never told me

my kid will ask my overweight best friend if she is pregnant every time we met. Every week.