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The Bible: Mom and Son (age 6)

Mom: We are going to read the Bible.

Son: I hate the Bible. Wait. What’s the Bible?

Mom: The Book that teaches us about God!

Son (Fist pumping): I LOVE THE BIBLE!!!!


Anon kid- 11 years old…

(After dad told him to check if the door is open…)

Dad: What took you so long?

Kid: I had to open the door to check.

Joseph~ Age 14

Ewww. Old people farts.

Jaden~Age 3

(After getting in trouble, his dad called him by his full name)

“Don’t you whole name me or I’ll break your butt Daddy!”

Kids quote

Mom- I’m impressed.

Daughter- I don’t want to be pressed. Not hard.

My mother never told me

my kid will ask my overweight best friend if she is pregnant every time we met. Every week.

My Mother Never Told Me:

that baby wipes will effectively remove Sharpie from skin – and there WILL be Sharpie on skin, especially when Daddy is left in charge.