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Joseph~ Age 14

Ewww. Old people farts.


Jaden~Age 3

(After getting in trouble, his dad called him by his full name)

“Don’t you whole name me or I’ll break your butt Daddy!”

Mason-age 8

(After receiving his first black eye)

He says, “Maybe I can be in the movie, The Shining! Get it? The Shining. Cuz I have a shiner.”

Noah~ Age 6

I don’t like the lettuce. It’s too flat.

Kids quote

Mom- I’m impressed.

Daughter- I don’t want to be pressed. Not hard.

Noah~Age 3

(When asked who his friends at preschool are: )

I’m friends with anyone who calls me Noah.

Anon~ Age 5

(Telling Santa what he wants for Christmas)

200 girlfriends and a Spiderman suit.